My background of firstly specialising in acting for Defendants and then specialising in acting for Plaintiffs provides me with a rare appreciation of the issues, weakness and strengths for both sides, particularly in construction and insurance disputes. My understanding of how both sides think, what they need to move forward and how to effectively negotiate and communicate through those dynamics, helps my clients achieve favourable, and in many cases early, outcomes. It is also very helpful when a matter needs to be further pursued or defended in the Tribunal or a Court.

As well as exploring all avenues for early favourable outcomes for my clients, I push for approaches to streamline disputes to reduce the cost, length, inconvenience and ongoing risks for my clients. As an experienced specialist ‘litigator’, I have the extensive and in-depth knowledge of Court and Tribunal procedures necessary for properly identifying and implementing the best strategy for the particular circumstances of each matter while also recognising and effectively responding to the strategies being used by opponents.

When providing advice, I provide actual advice without sitting on the fence. I get straight to the point and use my expertise to simplify the legal issues rather than just talking about them. My approach is to tell you what you need to know to keep you up to date and make informed decisions. I will not spend your money overloading you with unnecessary details or mountains of documents that you pay me to monitor and deal with.

To quickly find out whether I can assist you, please email me at advising your details, the nature of the issues you are facing and the names of the other parties involved.